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Tofta Brewing company was founded on the island of Tofta Holmar in the Stockholm archipelago in 2018. We make sustainable beer made from natural organic ingredients.


Tofta Pils is a modern Pilsner with copious amounts of hops of the varieties Magnum, Saaz and Citra. The idea with the beer was to create a pilsner that many can appreciate, but which is not perceived as a casual beer. Just Citra is a hop variety that we appreciate very much and therefore it felt completely natural to have a large portion of this hop as a flavoring. The result is a modern pilsner with a long full-bodied aftertaste.


Tofta IPA an elegant yet in your face IPA with a fruity taste with hints of apricot, dried pineapple, butterscotch and pine resin. Drink either with grilled meat or just as it is.

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